FormulaNow IS liquid concentrate

The packaging of the patented Nowcup allows the caregiver to provide baby the most hygienic preparation possible. NowCups have shelf-stability like powders, but with the peace of mind that its seal provides exposure only when baby is ready. This means there is less concern for adverse events associated with pathogens and recalls.” Reconstituted formula NEVER interacts with the machine.

Toddler and beyond

FormulaNow is an open platform system that grows with your baby, and beyond. A natural progression is juice concentrates into the toddler years; energy drinks and instant breakfast into the teen and adult years. Yes, even liquid roast coffee to satisfy the most grownup of tastes.


  • Pre-packaged, single serve formula
  • Liquid concentrate format
  • Opportunity for other concentrate beverages and nutritional supplements

Inside the NowCup

  • Patented Internal Puncture technology
  • Formula never comes in contact with the machine (no cross contamination)
  • Sealed until the moment it is dispensed

Technology at Work

1. Drop in a NowCup

Industry Stats


of parents warmed formula in a microwave


of parents mixed formula with warm tap water


of parents diluted formula (on purpose) = 400,000 times per year


of parents feed their babies at least some formula during the first year


of parents choose the formula they use after they leave the hospital (with the baby)


are less likely to follow recommended procedures that require extra time*


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Partnership Opportunities

  • Retailers & Formula Manufacturers
  • Dispensing Machine Manufacturers
  • Supplemental, Energy, Health, Beverage Manufacturers
  • Co-branding NowCup Opportunities

Management Team

Nikki Lamb

Nikki is more than the coined-term ‘mompreneur’, although this role has led to her success to innovate and venture build to provide the market with well-understood practical product creation and delivery. She earned a BS in Business Management at the University of Mary. Nikki co-founded FomulaNow, as well as other awarding winning companies and products. She has 15+ years in structuring sales and marketing environments. Business development and relationship building are Nikki’s strengths, as she has a keen sense of tying together fruitful relationships that align to a clear vision. Nikki is CEO of FormulaNow and will maintain the overall vision of the company to provide the best possible format for infant nutrition supplementation and delivery. This includes being the driving force to continuously be responsive to related products that fit to consumer needs.

Aaron Lamb

Aaron hails from the Midwest of the United States, in what is known to many as ‘fly-over country’. From these roots, he was educated at North Dakota State University specializing in French, International Studies – Business Focus, and Anthropology. Upon completing his education he lived and taught in L’Aigle France at a poly-professional school. His return to the US afforded him the opportunity to work in the world of coffee & tea with Sara Lee. It was this experience that lead to many ‘a-ha’ moments and striking out on his own with a product development firm, Generation IDEA. This experience was the impetus for the realization of FormulaNow. Aaron has an innovation junkie mentality and a high desire to create and march products to market. His projects have earned 9 distinct awards and notorieties; including Top 40 under 40 business professionals, Edison Award for best new product, top ten innovators of 2012 according to Food Logistics Magazine, and Wall Street Journal 2012 innovation technology award winner. At Formulanow, Aaron will be directly involved with operations and the innovation process.

Sanjay Patel

A serial entrepreneur driven by the passion to develop and deliver industry unique solutions. In the past twenty years, he has created a balanced portfolio of technology and real estate companies. Current technology portfolio include ventures in industries such as Telecom, IT Infrastructure, IP and Radio communications, Wireless Frequency Spectrum, Healthcare and Software services. Armed with Computer Science & Engineering degree and financial acumen, he has consistently built products and solutions that deliver life-long values to its customers while taking on leadership position in targeted industries. Over the years, Sanjay has hand-picked a talented and competitive corporate team to assist him in providing management oversight, financial guidance and driving strategic growth initiatives of FormulaNow.

Daivesh Sanghvi

With BS degree in Electronics engineering, Daivesh Sanghvi lends 25+ years of business management experience. He has been an integral part of the leadership team to grow the company’s portfolio involving IT infrastructure, Telecom, IP and Radio communications, Healthcare and Software technology ventures. His areas of expertise include Sales and Marketing, Customer Relations, Company Strategy and Management. At FormulaNow, he is closely involved with Business Development Initiatives and Customer Relationship Management.

Tom Klyve

With a well-rounded business background as an entrepreneur in healthcare industry, professional banker and currently as CFO, Tom brings to the group over 20+ years of rich finance and business management experience. Along with managing company's financial requirements and managing Institutional relationships Tom also oversees M&A group.

Gina Bortnem

15+ years of experience in business operations and project management has trained Gina to manage diverse responsibilities across different divisions including manufacturing, quality control and marketing functions. She oversees implementation of industry best practices in Workflow management, Product development and Distribution. She brings the same vigor and urgency to FormulaNow and is responsible for company’s Operations and execution of targeted projects.

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